Out of Web Design, no posts :(

Sorry for anyone that actually read this blog, I haven’t posted much of anything because I’m no longer in the class that required this blog in the first place. I never really saw the opportunity to blog what I always thought. I’m doing it again, but on a different website mainly. So I figured I would apologize to those who actually enjoyed my witty remarks. However, I will make it apparent to make some sort of update, monthly perhaps, for any of those who really care, and then of course I will have my rants and have my complaints and happy posts that will throw people off. Any way, I’ll post more soon for those who care. Thank you for liking my blog 🙂

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7 Things Disney Movies Forgot To Teach

1: Not Every Princess Get’s A Happy Ending With A Prince

2: Animals Don’t Talk And Aren’t Always Friendly

3: The Hero’s In Real Life Tend To Go Unrecognized

4: The Villains Are Not Always Easy To Tell

5: Poisoned Apples Will Just Kill You

6: We’re All Going To Mess Up Big And There’s Nothing We Can Do

7: Prince Charming Can’t Fix Everything

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St. Louis Holds Vet. Celebration

Ever since the end of the Iraqi war in December, people have been talking about how they are going to celebrate this coming home event until now St. Louis has actually held a celebration while everyone else just talks about doing it. Other places, like in New York, have also considered holding the celebration, but with the recent winning of the Super Bowl for the Giants, they decided to postpone their celebration for the veterans. While all these other places choose to wait ti celebrate, the vets would rather have this sooner than the others have hoped and planned. Veterans would like to be shown that they are appreciated for what they do to serve and protect the country.

I agree that the veterans should be celebrated for defending our country and they should be recognized for it. I may have a bias for it however, with family members being in the military, including my brother-in-law and his best friend. However, even if that were not the case, I would still have the same thought, because the people in the military are doing something that is beneficial to us and it can help us overall to be protected and remain a country (however, I don’t think that’s our problem with staying a country). Now that the veterans are back, they do deserve some form of a celebration, for making it through alive in the battlefield trying to protect the USA.

I do kind of understand why some people would rather postpone the celebrating, but I honestly don’t think they should. If it were up to me, everybody in the United States would have thrown one crazy party for the vets. No one but them know what it’s like over there, and it honestly sucks, they have to stay awake sometimes for over 72 hours with only 3 hours of sleep; literally 1 hour of sleep a day. That is bull. But they do it; they do it for us, for our freedom, for our safety. If anyone is bold enough to want to overlook that, you are quite stupid. Military personnel to way too much to be overlooked for it, and they need to be shown they are appreciated, because sometimes that isn’t the case with them. Sometimes the only time appreciation is showed is when they died on the battlefield, and that shouldn’t be true, they should be appreciated now while they’re still alive and still after they’ve gone.

Show some patriotism!!! Support your troops and throw a party for returning or returned vets! They deserve it!!! 🙂

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Photos on Facebook

On Facebook, it is not uncommon to accidentally upload a photo when it wasn’t suppose to get on there. Automatically, anyone would just delete it and be all “phew it’s gone and I don’t have to worry,” but evidentially that is not the case. Jacqui Cheng has been doing this report on Facebook photos that shows even when you delete a photo, it can still be accessible through the link itself. This is because when you delete the photo, it just removes it from the Facebook site so you can’t link to it from the page. You can still see the photo because apparently Facebook’s CDN is pretty much retarded (meant as to say “slow”) and cannot easily delete the photo’s off the server in a timely manner. Someone actually deleted a photo backing May 2008 off their page but could still access it today by means of the .jpg link. So while the photo’s cannot be found on the person’s page, they could still be seen if you know how to get to it.

This is total bull crap in my opinion. Really, Facebook? It’s the site that is most used so there’s more of a likelihood to make a mistake and upload a photo on accident, but Facebook can’t immediately get rid of it? Yeah it’s great it’s not on my page, but it’s stupid that the system will still hold the photos for months to years; they were deleted for a reason, so get it done Facebook. It’s also stupid how it seems there is a bias because if someone is “ranking” on Facebook about this, the popularity of them will get those photo’s deleted faster so they’ll stop complaining. BULL. Facebook operators need to get off their butts and do their job, it honestly is not that hard-JUST DO IT, don’t make Nike have to inspire you to get work done.

If there is something wrong with your CDN or your legacy system, bro get it fixed. A five-year old could easily comprehend that. If this has been a problem for 4 years and running, why haven’t you fixed it already? Just because someone could think “oh, it’s not that big of a deal, they can wait,” well I’m sorry sir but your opinion does not qualify you to lax on this a little, get it done brosef.  If you are honestly having problems to where it is difficult to fix this and come up with a solution in 4 years time, well then that may be key to realize you may need some help with this and need to not sit back thinking “it’ll be deleted eventually” cause that’s not how it works. You have a job, DO IT.


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Needing a Break

I cannot wait until President’s day to have a day off from everything. It doesn’t seem like everything could be so stressful or irritating or bothersome, but it keeps on getting that way. This past week has been the most interesting I would’ve ever thought it to be, and it shouldn’t have happened how it did because it kind of scared me a bit, but maybe now I can finally get some answers as to certain aspects about me, like why I always have headaches and migranes, or whether or not I have diabetes (which I don’t believe the doctors are looking for just yet), or if there’s anything wrong with my brain like I’ve personally believed for like 5 years almost. It’ll be nice to have some answers and luckily I will get one back this week.

I really just want some time to do absolutely nothing or just something I love. I want to be able to go out to the farm but I know that isn’t likely to happen just yet. I don’t even know if I will during the summer like I normally do. I’ve been back into my reading habit and I can tell it won’t end well; I am reading Soulkeepers and Kissed by an Angel currently, and I just bought 13 Reasons Why, which I am looking forward to. Soulkeepers, I’m still not exactly sure what it’s about but all I know is that it is really good so far and I would suggest it, and Kissed by an Angel is about a girl, Ivy, who’s boyfriend was killed and he ends up being her guardian angel when his killer comes back to kill her as well. It’s suppose to be some mushy love story, and I can’t deny it is good so far. It is technically a trilogy but the book I bought includes all three books and I’m still in the first.

The book 13 Reasons Why I hear is really good. My sister, an english major, actually suggested it to me, and it’s about this girl who committed suicide and leaves behind some cassettes for some people to listen to and in the cassetts, she gives the 13 reasons why she committed suicide. It should be really good, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m also going to read this series called House Of Night, and it is supposedly good but I don’t know. I have 7 of the 9 books because a friend didn’t need them anymore. I really think I need to stop with all of these books I have.

I want to go to a concert as well soon, because from what I hear Van Halen should be in town soon and Blue October is supposed to go to Orlando within the next few months. I don’t know about how strongly I’d want to see Van Halen, but I definitely want to see Blue October. They were shortly famous for their song Hate Me, but lately I’ve been listening through their albums again and I think that would be a good concert. I really want to see Lady Antebellum when they come, and I definitely want Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean to come here, I didn’t get to go when they came to Orlando ;( but I’m just wanting to go see one of my favorite bands soon.

Overall, I think I am just looking forward to some sort of break from reality, because it hasn’t been all that nice lately and I don’t feel like taking the bull by the horns yet, so I am looking for the outlets to suffice for a form of a break.

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College Rankings

People originally set up college rankings to let students have a larger view when chosing which college they want to go to, however it seems these days that the need for college ranking does not affect the applicants as much as it does the colleges themselves. While the rankings were for the students to see how good of a college they wanted to attend, now the colleges are fed up into a competition of who is the better college. Some colleges have even gone into the extremes and heighten some of their scores to make the students seem better to gain a higher ranking, or perceive more applicants no matter if they’re good students just to get a higher number of applicants to seem like a wanted school. It may seem like it doesn’t matter, but to colleges it is a big deal to have a higher ranking because it may give them more funding for an education program.

Mainly, college rankings were suppose to be for the students so they could have a better look at the school they are choosing but the students aren’t taking the rankings as seriously as the colleges are. While the colleges are worried about how good their SAT and ACT scores look, the students are just worried about if the school is right for them. Even though the ranking system was intentionally designed for student benefit, it seems as though the students still just care about the school having their major, favorite sport, a good campus, et cetera. Sometimes the rankings to help in deciding which college would be better, but most times the ranking doesn’t affect the choice for the student.

I think this point is right to an extent, however I do think that the ranking still applies to the student as much as the college. While this is saying that the ranking is most important to the college to the point where they would lie to make themselves seem better for a higher rank, I believe a student still cares of how good the college is. For the most part, the rankings are going to be as close to accurate it can get because it would be too obvious if there was a dramatic change in average scoring of applicant numbers or what-have-you. Students still do care about the ranking because it could be beneficial for them when they apply to a job to have under their education a college in the top 20 rankings.

Knowing that some colleges do lie about some of their information does seem like it could potentially affect me, especially if I’m looking into colleges like Dartmouth and Vandy and Texas A&M, but I do think that knowing the reputation that they have, they ought to be really good education wise and I should be able to get a good degree in whichever science I perceive for a career. So although I am a little worried with this information, it doesn’t bother me all that much.

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My X-Mas Break

Eh, this is probably well overdue but I feel like sharing anyways.

My Christmas break I can say was not the best nor the worst. First few days I spent chilling around doing nothing, completely uneventful. But that suddenly changed when my sister came to visit, bringing along her fiance. We spent 5 days together. It didn’t turn out as planned. There was supposed to be a trip out to Old St. Augustine the first day and have “family time” the next three days and the last was the final goodbyes basically. Yeah that didn’t work when the car was drifted to the side of the road and got super messed up on the way here. The first day was mechanic day/ bonding time. The second day was just as planned, girl time and movie night basically. The third day, Christmas, so we did what we usually do, open presents and spend the day having fun with our new toys. The fourth is when we ended up going to St. Augustine but we didn’t do much because it came up to do last-minute and we got a late start. The last day, they left around noon with the car almost fully fixed. That was all.

My Christmas itself was good. 🙂 I got what I wanted, my new Nook Tablet with an unexpected little nifty leather case/holder thingy for it. I got a bunch of clothing, but quite frankly I think my family is starting to learn what style I like because I really couldn’t complain about the new articles. I got these fuzzy-wuzzy boots that I wanted (which was the real surprise of all of this). Aside from my parents, my sister got me an art set and some new sketchbooks, my boyfriend got me a Nikon Coolpix, little stuffed penguin, and a few cd’s from my favorite bands. Other than that, I got gift cards to places like Hot Topic and Forever 21. I really can’t complain about all that, especially with my pre owned Barnes &  Nobles card that came in hand for book purchasing.

After the Christmas itself, it all got dull pretty much. I caved in to the awful book The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (Do NOT Read!!!) for my english class. I researched some on my hopefully future college, Vanderbilt University, and made sure I got all my homework done. Then there was the upcoming New Years. I was a loner New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, but hey, I couldn’t complain, I was tired of people as it was. The rest of my time was spent napping mainly. Although I did get some real reading done, but stupid silly me forgot about the nook before christmas and now i got about 12 paperbacks I’ve yet to read, all about 300+ pages. This is gonna be one fun adventure to have!!!!!

(P.S. that Frankie Landau-Banks book is based on equality, female hormones, patriarchal society, and overall, FEMENISM. if that’s your cup of tea, go for it. it’s not that long, but its murder to get through if you ask me.)

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